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Whooping cranes being released today in La.

In a post a few days ago, we talked about how whooping cranes were being reintroduced to Louisiana. Today, ten whooping cranes are being released into their several acre pen in Southern Louisiana.

In honor of this event, U.S. Geological Survey scientists have released a short biography of each of these birds and some extra information about them. For example, the dominant bird of the group was a “cry-baby” as a youngling and would make noise all day.

Though these ten whooping cranes are not expected to leave the guarded area in Louisiana, there are still wild whooping cranes who have migrated south to states like Alabama and Florida. If you do stumble upon one of these highly endangered birds, you should keep a safe distance away from them. Doing any harm to an endangered species is a serious crime.

In the past month, six whooping cranes have been found shot to death and the reward for information on what happened to the birds in Alabama has grown to nearly $25,000.

If you’re interested in learning more about how these amazing birds have been guided back from the brink of extinction, check out this video below.

Timothy Martinez Jr. is a writer and freelance journalist. His work has been published in The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, Remapping Debate in New York City and other publications. He’s been a bird lover since he was young and currently lives in New Orleans, L.A.