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We purchased this bath for our pet Muscovy Duck. It has been a pleasure not fighting ice this winter, it does not even freeze on the edges. It was a great investment!
We feed and provide water in our birdbaths all year long for our feathered friends. This heater is fantastic. Keeps water around 35-40 degrees even in below zero weather no frozen water anymore. Easy to replace water with unit in birdbath and the birds are not afraid to sit on it and drink or take a warm bath in winter! We have had hours of enjoyment watching them. Excellent product!
So far we are happy with our product. We had to laugh when the instructions said to keep it out of the wind! We live in Nebraska! We use it outside to water the backyard creatures…birds, squirrels, rabbits, deer, possum, woodchuck, etc.
The bowl is great! However, I bought it with the idea that the stainless steel insert could be removed and put through the dishwasher. It DOES NOT come out of the plastic and so it must be handwashed. Otherwise, it works great and we are happy with it.
We sent this to our daughter in Alaska for their dog. She said it works GREAT in -30 degree weather. She and her dog love it!
The items works, but my dog doesn't seem to want to sleep on it since it's rigid and hard. I tried slipping it under the cloth cover on her dog bed, but the dog will still not sleep on the area where the warming bed is.
The application is to heat an 8 gallon bird bath with small pump. I had to remove the fountain nozzle on the pump to increase flow to prevent freezing. So far, it works just fine. Low temp to date, 19 degrees Fahrenheit.

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