Backyard Chirper

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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Collection

Ah, the squirrel. It may appear cute and bushy to many, but for bird watchers it can be a pest and a nemesis. A squirrel proof feeder can prevent your bird feeder from turning into a feasting ground for squirrels. You can purchase a squirrel proof feeder in a variety of designs, from cage bird feeders to platform feeders. A cage bird feeder has entrances too small for squirrels to gain access; a platform feeder usually has weight sensors that block anything heavier than a bird from snacking on the food.For those looking for a slightly different approach to eradicating their squirrel problem, a squirrel proof bird feeder like the Twirl-A-Squirrel might make sense. This motorized device gently spins squirrels off the bird feeder and onto the ground below, ensuring that they’ll think twice about stealing your bird food again!

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