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EZ Vane Weathervanes
When you see a weathervane from EZ Vane, it's easy to understand why the company takes such pride in its design and craftsmanship. EZ Vane believes in its work and promise to customers so much that it gives a lifetime warranty on the workmanship. By using a three-step finishing process that involves applying several coats of zinc and copper, the company is able to create a durable, scratch-resistant finish on its weathervanes. Weathervanes have been around for more than 2,000 years and you can bet these reliable weathervanes from EZ Vane will also stand the test of time.

Product is American made and really well constructed. I am really happy with the quality and look of my weathervane.
About EZ Vane
Our weathervanes are made of 14 gauge steel and come with a one year warranty on the finish and a lifetime warranty on all workmanship. We use a 3 step finishing process- First we zinc plate our units for better adhesion and durability, then we bake on an antique copper vein powder coat followed by a clear powder coat to protect against the UV rays. This provides a durable, scratch resistant finish. We use sealed ball bearings in our windcups to keep them spinning freely with even the slightest breeze. Our design tops are laser cut in one piece, minimizing welding and making them a unique addition to your home. Our tops are interchangeable and easy to change.
The dimensions listed under each description is the approximate width x height. All of the designs are on a 21" arrow, but the designs vary in height and width on the arrow. All measurements are taken at the widest and tallest part of each design.

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