Backyard Chirper

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Celebrate Draw A Bird Day on April 8

Today is Draw A Bird Day. Even though it’s not an official holiday, the day holds a special meaning. The day is designed to bring smiles and joy by drawing a bird. You don’t have to be an artist to participate because no matter how poorly drawn the picture ends up, it always manages to evoke a […]

Tiny Bird Makes Epic 1,700-mile Trip Over Water

Imagine taking trip that requires you to run for three or four days nonstop. That means no stopping, no eating, no sleeping. For humans, that trip is an impossibility. But for one tiny bird, that trip is a reality each spring. For a long time, the small Blackpoll Warbler has vexed ornithologists, who wondered how the […]

Watch Man Reunite Baby Bird With Parents

Amateur birdwatcher Patrick Smith was taking a smoke break in an empty parking lot outside his office building in Riverside, Calif., when he heard distressed chirping. He followed the chirps to a PVC pipe where he saw a tiny bird stuck inside upside down. He did the right thing and pulled the fatigued bird out […]

Crow Box Teaches Birds to Pay For Food & More

Tired of shelling out money to feed birds without getting anything in return? With the Crow Box feeder, now you can train crows to pay for their food with spare change from the street. Yes, we know you don’t feed birds with the expectation of anything in return (except to enjoy the company of colorful birds in […]

10 Most Bizarre Bird Mating Dances

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it’d be prudent to take a look at the mating dance of birds, which can range from the touching to the downright hilarious. Flamingo The flamingo mating dance is one of my favorites. They typically get into large yet tight groups and parade around synchronized. It’s beautiful and poetic. […]

Join the 18th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count

With more than 140,000 estimated participants from 135 countries, the 2014 Great Backyard Bird Count was one of the most exciting and record-breaking counts ever. The number one species that appeared on the most checklists was the Northern Cardinal and the most numerous bird was the Red-winged Blackbird. Scientists use the data to answer questions like how […]