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No/No Wild Bird Feeders
People have been feeding birds for centuries, so it's not surprising that the basic design of bird feeders hasn't changed much'until No/No Wild Bird Feeders. No/No feeders are a completely new concept of feeders that have no plastic and no wood. The steel feeders are collapsible wire baskets that hold seeds and accommodate perching and clinging species. No/No feeders are so novel because they're long-lasting, easy to clean, weather-resistant and environmentally friendly. Few other bird feeders match the innovation and simplicity of No/No feeders.

About No/No Feeder
The "NO-NO" Bird Feeder was developed and constructed with No wood and No plastic. It is an all metal collapsible wire basket sunflower seed feeder that is similar in design to fish baskets you may have seen. It met all of the requirements that we felt were important and a few that were just bonuses for the consumer.
It will not rot or fall apart like wooden feeders, and the squirrels cannot tear them apart like other feeders. It ships and stores flat unlike some plastic feeders on the market. It comes completely assembled, and you can even run them through the dishwasher to clean them. The "NO/NO" Bird Feeder feeds both clinging and perching birds. As many as 10 to 15 at once may feed on the Black Oil Sunflower seeds that it was designed for, the most popular feed for birds.
We have also developed and patented The Ring-Around Bird Feeder. It is made of durable, UV-resistant plastic rings that looks and functions like that of drinking cups you may be familiar with. Each ring is one inch tall and nests down inside of a larger ring when collapsed to take up very little space. When hung up it looks and functions like a conventional feeder holding almost any bird feed available.

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