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The Grim Reality of the Wild

Everyone knows that the wild can be brutal and unforgiving. We sometimes get too attached to the idea that everything will turn out fine, but out in the wild the reality is usually much more grim. In one of the stories the Backyard Chirper has been following about an Osprey nest that was moved from […]

Millions Get Close and Personal with Eaglets

During the course of their short lives, three newborn eaglets have captured the hearts and eyes of millions. I know this is the third post on the three baby Bald Eagles, but the fact that there have been more than 30 million views of the live webcam featuring those three cute birds makes it a […]

Baby Bald Eagles Hatch in Front of Thousands

In an amazing feat of technology, hundreds of thousands of people witnessed the birth of three baby bald eagles from their natural nest more than 80 feet above the ground. A few days ago, I posted about the impending hatching of three baby eaglets, and on Friday, the first eagle started to emerge while Sunday […]

Baby Bald Eagles to Hatch on Webcam

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV The Raptor Resource Project is bringing you the chance of a lifetime to get close and personal with baby bald eagles without ever leaving your home. The non-profit group is broadcasting live video of two bald eagles’ nest from Decorah, Iowa and are giving viewers the chance to witness the hatching […]