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How to Winterize a Birdhouse

Now that nesting season is over and temperatures are dipping quite a bit, it’s time to put away those birdhouses, right? Not exactly. Instead of putting away your birdhouses, convert them into winter roosting boxes. Winter is a tough time for birds and finding shelter is a tall task for many species; however, with a few […]

How to Attract Wild Turkeys

It’s that time of year when we take a moment to admire the great turkey. Even though our relationship with these interesting birds tends to be of the vulturine variety, many people enjoy having them visit their yards. Before we relay some tips for attracting wild turkeys to your property, it’s important to note that turkeys […]

How Releasing Balloons Can Hurt Birds

Releasing balloons, as they go fluttering into the deep blue sky, is an old tradition used to celebrate a happy occasion like a wedding or commemorate a sad event like a death. It’s fun to watch the balloons sail away until you can’t see them anymore, but what goes up must come down. And when those […]

Where Do Birds Sleep at Night?

The quintessential sound of the morning (aside from the awful cry of an alarm clock) is the pleasant chirp of birds. Since we commonly associate birds with the morning, very few of us consider where birds go at night. During the day, you see birds nearly everywhere, soaring through the sky, standing on ledges and […]

What Do Birds See?

It’s not crazy to assume birds see the world the same way we do. Except for sharper vision and spectacular views (like the one in our header image, which is from a team of Russian photographers), birds appear to see the same world as us, right? Well, not exactly. In order to understand what the […]