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Bird Myths: Swallows Survive Winter Burrowed in Mud

When temperatures start to drop, birds handle the transition in different ways. Some travel to warmer temperatures while others tough it out. Some birds even burrow into the mud to escape the cold, right? Wrong. For thousands of years, people have believed the myth that birds (swallows specifically) will burrow into the mud and essentially […]

Bird Myths: Owls Can Turn Their Heads 360°

We’ve all seen the cartoons: an owl follows an object by spinning its head 360°. But is it really possible or is it a myth? The simple answer is that it’s a myth. However, owls do have the ability to turn their heads an amazing 270° in either direction. Since owls can turn their heads […]

Do Birds Have a Sense of Smell?

When we try to understand the world around us, we see it through the lens of humans. It’s completely natural to do because it’s how we interact with the world, but it can be problematic when trying to get an accurate vision of the things around us. This could not be truer than figuring out […]

Bird Myths: Gum on the ground kills birds

Even though the Internet is an amazing resource with answers to nearly any question you could ever ask, it’s still a medium that is susceptible to the spread of misinformation, especially on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The image to the right of a bird next to its deceased mate has been making […]

When should I take down my bird feeders?

Now that summer is nearly here and there’s more than enough natural food, it’s time to stop feeding your backyard birds, right? Wrong. That’s not to say birds are completely dependent on bird feeders for their food, however. The vast majority of a bird’s diet is received from natural sources, but keeping your bird feeder […]