Backyard Chirper

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Birdhouse Cleaning Guide

Written by Timothy Martinez Jr. In this guide, you'll find everything you need to know about cleaning a birdhouse or nesting box. Birds are among the most beautiful creatures on Earth. With their social behavior, mellifluous songs and vivid colors, it’s not surprising that so many people around the world have birdhouses and bird feeders […]

Protect Birdhouse from Cats

Written by Timothy Martinez Jr. Domestic and feral house cats kill about 500 million birds a year, which is why it's extremely important to protect your birdhouse, feeder and nesting boxes from predators. Make protecting your backyard birds a priority by following these tips. Each year, house cats kill about 500 million birds. Cats and […]

New Bird Cams Offer Behind-The-Scenes Look

Unless you’ve been avoiding any news about birds, you’ve probably seen or at least heard about the gripping webcam that’s capturing the life of three beautiful baby Bald Eagles. Right now, a live look-in on the webcam will show you three adorable eaglets huddled together in their nest 80 feet above the ground in Decorah, […]