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How Releasing Balloons Can Hurt Birds

Releasing balloons, as they go fluttering into the deep blue sky, is an old tradition used to celebrate a happy occasion like a wedding or commemorate a sad event like a death. It’s fun to watch the balloons sail away until you can’t see them anymore, but what goes up must come down. And when those […]

Where Do Birds Sleep at Night?

The quintessential sound of the morning (aside from the awful cry of an alarm clock) is the pleasant chirp of birds. Since we commonly associate birds with the morning, very few of us consider where birds go at night. During the day, you see birds nearly everywhere, soaring through the sky, standing on ledges and […]

What Do Birds See?

It’s not crazy to assume birds see the world the same way we do. Except for sharper vision and spectacular views (like the one in our header image, which is from a team of Russian photographers), birds appear to see the same world as us, right? Well, not exactly. In order to understand what the […]

How Wildfires Affect Birds

Wildfires are devastating in so many ways. When hundreds of acres burn, not only is the landscape ravaged but people’s lives are often changed forever. At the moment in California, 13,000 people have been given evacuation orders as 20 or so wildfires rage across the drought-stricken land. While people are the main focus of the […]

Found Baby Bird Outside of Nest

Written by Liz Childers During nesting months, it's not uncommon for birders to notice baby birds out of their nests. In these situations, it is important to be aware of what to do for the bird's survival. Spring and summer are nesting months for birds, and avid bird watchers may find baby birds out of […]

Birdwatching in the fall

Written by Liz Childers As birds begin their fall migrations, some American cities become top destinations for birders in need of a vacation. Want to enjoy some great bird watching this fall? Do as the birds do and migrate to some of America’s best autumn birding sites. These locations and festivals span the country and […]

Best times for bird watching

Written by Timothy Martinez Jr. In order to see the maximum number of species, it's important to go birding at different times of the day. Here are the advantages and species you're most likely to see at certain times. One of the main questions beginning birders always ask is when is the best time of […]

Top Ten Most Liked Backyard Birds

Written by Timothy Martinez Jr. Everyone loves when a bird comes into their backyard for bite to eat. However, this is a list of those birds you'd love to come around more often. Although there’s always excitement in looking for a new species at the bird feeder, everyone has that favorite species they never get […]

Birds Pecking At Your Window

Written by Timothy Martinez Jr. When birds see themselves in windows, they are usually alarmed and peck at the reflection in the glass for several minutes. If you have this problem, here are some solutions to deter birds from pecking at your window. Birds have a very interesting relationship with windows and glass that’s not […]