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10 Ways People Express Love For Birds

People express their love for birds in all kinds of different ways.

Over the years writing about birds, we’ve seen many ingenious ways people have incorporated birds into art. Some are straightforward like photographs (I don’t mean that in a negative or condescending way!) and others are a little more bizarre.

Because we know you love birds, here are some fun ways people express their love and fascination with birds.

LEGO Birds

Thomas Poulson is no stranger on this blog. We’ve covered his work a few times, but his LEGO creations are among the most fun examples of bird art we’ve seen. He made these in an effort to get them mass-produced through LEGO’s crowdsourcing site, but they’ve definitely taken on a life of their own.

You can see a sample of his work below or more here and here.

Tommy the Turkey


This may be a very common way for birds to be seen through the lens of art because it’s the most accessible. Amateurs and professionals alike have pointed their cameras to the skies to capture the beauty of birds. There are so many artistic photos of worth, but just a look at our Facebook page’s comments section will reveal many great images, including the one below by fans Wes and Jan Matthews Griffin.


Birds Made of Pancakes

Pancakes? Yes, pancakes. I recently stumbled upon a blog where an artist makes amazing creations out of pancake batter. These edible pancakes are simply awesome. Artist Nathan Shields has made a few of these birds like the ones below, but you can see more at his site Saipancakes.


Geometric Sculptures

Two Buenos Aires designers, Caro Silvero and Juan Elizalde, crafted an array of animals and birds species from geometric shapes made of paper. These look really simple, but I can’t imagine all the work and thought that went into it. Here’s a sample of the work. You can see more at their site.



Yet another fun way people have enjoyed birds is through paintings. From John James Audubon to artists today, bird paintings are a classic and enjoyable way to express the idea of birds.

A while back we interviewed a great artist named Chris Lodge. You can see more of his work like the one below in the full interview.


Birds Made out of Food

Another duo, illustrator and food stylist Anna Kevile Joyce and photographer Agustin Nieto, created bird illustrations out of food as well, except they used an array of foods and spices.

The image below features a woodpecker, but you can see more of their work at an article in FreeYork.


Graphic Design

Another art form is graphic design and more people are using it to create digital versions of birds. No one has done a better job than the folks over at Birdorable. They create adorable versions of many bird species. You can see more and read our interview of the duo behind Birdorable here.


Paper Bird Sculptures

While the artists above made some birds out of geometric paper shapes Diana Beltran Herrera made her own birds by painstakingly cutting slits of paper and putting them together.

We blogged about her last year, but the creations still amaze us every time we see them.


Bird Tattoos

The final thing we’re going to mention is bird tattoos. Many people have tattoos of birds, but the king of all bird tattoos has to be Paul Riss of the Punk Rock Big Year. You can read an interview we did with him here.

The tattoo below is on Carribe Laben over at 10,000 birds. Check out her post.


Timothy Martinez Jr. is a writer and freelance journalist. His work has been published in The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, Remapping Debate in New York City and other publications. He’s been a bird lover since he was young and currently lives in New Orleans, L.A.