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5 Accessories That’ll Make Bird Feeding Easier

Feeding birds is not only fun and entertaining but it can also be very rewarding. Serving healthy food and clean water has helped innumerable birds navigate tough winters or summers and receive the necessary fuel to fly thousands of miles.

For all the joys and relaxation feeding birds can bring, bird feeding does have some downsides. Refilling can be a pain, especially in winter. Cleaning can be exhausting and must be done regularly. Birds can be messy, dropping seeds that sprout on your lawn.

If you’re struggling with some of these problems, you don’t have to suffer anymore. These are 5 essential accessories that’ll make your life easier.

1. Seed Catcher

Despite being cute and lovable animals, birds can be extremely messy. If your feeder gets a visit from a few goldfinches, there will likely be tons of leftover seed on the ground. Not only does this require you to clean beneath the feeder on a regular basis to prevent seeds from sprouting and to keep rodents away but it’s also wasteful.

The best way to keep the space around your feeder tidy is a seed catcher like the one above. These attach to the bottom of the feeder and catch the falling seed. A popular seed catcher is the Songbird Essentials Innovations America Seed Hoop, which comes in a 16-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch version.

2. Seed Container


Lugging a big bag of bird seed and having to close it properly every time is a burden. A seed container like this Woodlink 32-quart Seed Container keeps the food dry and safe from critters. Not only will this help the seed last longer but it’ll make it easier for you to access the food.

3. Feeder Brush


My least favorite part is cleaning the feeder. I know it has to get done, but it doesn’t make the job more fun. Fortunately, companies have made some great brushes to reduce some of the hassle. These brushes, which also come in a hybrid hummingbird and feeder version, fit inside the feeder and scrub any gunk that may have collected on the side. It’s convenient because it requires less elbow grease.

4. Seed Scoop


Refilling a feeder is no fun, but a good seed scoop will simplify things. Depending on how big your seed container is, we highly recommend the Droll Yankees Seed Scoop. It has a funneled end to fill smaller feeders and can even be laid on its side without spilling. The scoop holds up to 2 lbs so you don’t have to keep going back and forth to refill all your feeders.

5. Baffle


Finally, there’s the baffle. The baffle serves a range of purposes that’ll remove some of the stresses of bird feeding. First, a good baffle will keep squirrels away. You’d want to keep away squirrels because not only can they make a mess of your feeder but they can also damage it. Another reason you should get a baffle is to keep your feeder (and/or seed) protected from the rain, which reduces waste.

Timothy Martinez Jr. is a writer and freelance journalist. His work has been published in The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, Remapping Debate in New York City and other publications. He’s been a bird lover since he was young and currently lives in New Orleans, L.A.