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Guide to Buying Birdbaths

Written by Timothy Martinez Jr. A birdbath is the best way to attract the widest array of species to your yard. Here's everything you need to know about the decorative water sources for birds. Bird feeders are a fantastic way to bring birds to your yard, but if you’re looking to attract the widest array […]

How To Clean A Birdbath

Written by Soleil Ho Make your birdbath clean and tidy. Birds have standards, too! If you have a birdbath in your yard, you probably are familiar with the effects of prolonged sunlight and exposure to birds on a birdbath: feathers and waste, algae, shells and other pond scum can build up very quickly to create […]

Bird Bath Tips and Ideas

Written by Timothy Martinez Jr. Buying and maintaining a bird bath for your yard is vital for attracting all types of birds. Here are tips every bird enthusiast should know about bird baths. There are three important elements that make birds flock to your yard: food, shelter and water. Water is perhaps the most crucial […]

Do Birdbaths Attract Birds

Written by Steven Musumeche Bird baths are the best way to attract birds to your yard, even more so than feeders Many people really enjoy watching, feeding and learning about birds. This hobby offers one an opportunity to appreciate, delight, and connect to the natural world. Not all birds eat seeds, but all birds drink […]

Tips for making your birdbath more appealing

Setting up a source of water in your yard along with a bird feeder and a birdhouse are essential for attracting birds. Birds love water because it allows them to preen their feathers and rehydrate. Here are some tips for making your birdbath more appealing. Consider a heated birdbath Heated birdbaths offer the luxury of […]