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Buying and maintaining a bird bath for your yard is vital for attracting all types of birds. Here are tips every bird enthusiast should know about bird baths.

There are three important elements that make birds flock to your yard: food, shelter and water. Water is perhaps the most crucial piece because birds use the water to drink and preen themselves. This is why having a bird bath prominently displayed in your backyard is key to the attracting birds. If you’re thinking about getting a bird bath for your yard or already have one, here are some tips and tricks that will keep birds coming all year round.

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Get a bird bath with moving water

While birds are drawn to any bodies of water, including puddles and ponds, having a bird bath with flowing water is the most advisable. Water that isn’t stagnant is much more appealing to birds because it seems more natural than an elevated pool of standing water. Adding a simple waterfall or mister to the bowl will make it much more alluring and safer since mosquitoes and bacteria thrive in still water. Some mosquitoes might be infected with viruses that easily transfer to birds and kill them.

Clean the bird bath often

To prevent bacteria and algae from growing in your bird bath, you should clean it frequently. Cleaning bird baths is easy. Get a clean scrubbing tool like a sponge or toothbrush and scour the edges all around the basin. If you see any spots, dirt of leaves within the basin, make sure to wipe everything thoroughly. Do not use any cleaning agents unless it’s specifically for bird baths because the chemicals could be harmful to the birds and contaminate the water. Instead, use clean water. Doing this consistently will ensure the birds are healthy.

Empty and refill the water routinely

If you don’t have moving water, it’s especially important to empty and refill the water habitually. Mosquitoes incubate in still water for about 14 days, so it’s a good idea to empty and refill the bird bath every week or two. Even though you might be tempted to leave the water in the bird bath, especially when it’s been raining a lot, it’s possible the birds will get sick.

Get a warming element

If you want a bird bath that will be effective year round, consider getting a heated bird bath. In winter months, bird baths freeze over making them virtually pointless and not advantageous for the birds. While this isn’t vital, it’ll help provide for birds when the environment is most hostile.

Location is key

An important thing to consider when putting up the feeder is location. It might be tempting to put it anywhere in the yard, but it should be put in the most accommodating place for the birds. When bathing, birds are more susceptible to being preyed upon by hawks and cats, so pick a place next to a bush, but not one that will hide a cat on the hunt.