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Weekly bird news roundup (Sept. 2)

Companies donate $50,000 of food to fill hummingbird feeders after massive fire KAYTEE Wild Bird products and Cedar Works are donating $50,000 in hummingbird nectar to residents in Arizona after wildfires severely threatened a number of hummingbird species, according to a press release from Market Watch. More than 700,000 acres burned this summer in Arizona, […]

Weekly bird news roundup (Aug. 27)

Bird feeder/nesting box used to make people drive slower A man, who is a lover of birds and appreciator of speed limits, has created a contraption that feeds birds and makes people go the speed limit, according to the Daily Mail. The 63-year-old man from the U.K. built a bird feeder to look exactly like […]

Weekly bird news roundup (Aug. 19)

Here is the news of the week we couldn’t cover in more detail. Migrant bird populations are significantly declining in Britain Britain is noticing the disappearance of many migrant bird species, including cuckoos, willow tits, turtle doves and many others, according to Metro. Although they are not 100 percent sure of the causes, scientists attribute […]

Weekly bird news roundup (Aug. 14)

The big bird news from the week of August 13. Giant birds roamed the Earth during the age of dinosaurs Even though scientists knew there were a number of huge birds when there were dinosaurs, they had no idea it was this many. According to new findings, massive birds were more common than previously expected. […]

Weekly bird news roundup (Aug. 7)

This is the big news about birds from the week. Peacock escapes Central Park Zoo In yet another case of animals getting out of their exhibits at the zoo, a peacock managed to roam around New York City after escaping the Central Park Zoo, according to the NY Daily News. The large bird spent a […]

Weekly bird news roundup (July 30)

Here are this week’s top stories about birds that we couldn’t get to during the week. Fossil of earliest known bird might not be a bird after all On its 150th year of discovery, Chinese scientists are suggesting that what was believed to be the earliest known bird is actually another type of dinosaur. The […]

Weekly bird news roundup (July 1)

Here are some of the top stories from this week. Study finds crows exhibit gang-like behavior Although a flock of crows is called a murder, a better name would actually be a gang. According to the Seattle Times, scientists found that crows remember the faces of humans who cause ruckus for a long time and […]

Weekly bird news roundup (June 25)

Wayward penguin faces difficult road home An emperor penguin was found stranded on a beach in New Zealand more than 2,000 miles away from Antarctica, according to The Jakarta Post. He was found trying to eat sand mistaking it as snow because penguins eat snow when they feel too hot. Doctors are giving the bird, […]

Weekly bird news roundup (June 10)

Since we don’t have time to go into a full analysis of each newsworthy moment about birds that occurs each week, here is a brief overview of important bird news from this week. Large bird breeding center in Florida ruffles feathers Connie Kloss found solace in breeding exotic birds after her daughter was murdered 18 […]

Weekly bird news roundup (June 3)

While covering the topic of bird feeders and birds, I read so much news each week on fascinating tidbits and articles on birds that we can’t cover in length every day. So, each week we’ll be bringing you a roundup of the most interesting, important and coolest news about birds appearing around the Internet. Here’s […]