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How to Winterize a Birdhouse

Now that nesting season is over and temperatures are dipping quite a bit, it’s time to put away those birdhouses, right? Not exactly. Instead of putting away your birdhouses, convert them into winter roosting boxes. Winter is a tough time for birds and finding shelter is a tall task for many species; however, with a few […]

How to Stop Suet from Melting

It’s brutal out there. We’re in the dog days of summer and the heat is suffocating. I’ve been going anywhere I can that has air conditioning, so I can only imagine what the birds are going through. The heat itself presents tons of problems for birds, including a lack of water, but one problem people […]

Ways to attract warblers to your backyard

I couldn’t tell you the first warbler I’ve ever seen, but I always remember the first warbler of every spring. The first warbler I saw this spring was a frenetic Black-and-white Warbler passing through a park in Brooklyn. Warblers are coveted by bird enthusiasts due to their activity and unique patterns. They’re sometimes referred to […]

How to set up a nesting box in your yard

Spring is finally here. After a dreary, but unusually warm winter, spring has come to give us beautiful weather, colorful flowers and the return of our favorite backyard birds. If you’re thinking about trying to get birds to nest in your yard this spring, now is the time before it’s too late. While birds are […]

How to protect your feeders from hungry hawks

If you’ve ever owned a bird feeder, you’ve probably seen this sad and alarming scene. Near one of your bird feeders is a bunch of feathers strewn all over the place as if there was a major kerfuffle. Even though you might hope that it’s simply the result of birds molting their feathers, you know […]

Tips for attracting Northern Cardinals

It’s not controversial to say Northern Cardinals are among the most desired backyard birds. With their vibrant red coloration, frequent trips to bird feeders and recognizable song, cardinals usually top the list of people’s favorite birds. While birdwatching in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park the other day, I must have spotted a dozen Northern Cardinals fluttering about, […]

How to make your yard a paradise for birds

Today is the last day to enter to win a hummingbird feeder. All you have to do is post a picture of a bird you took to our Facebook page and you’ll automatically be entered. You can also get one additional entry by Liking this post or commenting on it! There are three major elements […]

How to make a pine cone bird feeder with your kids

If you have children, a great educational project is making an old-fashioned pine cone feeder. This helps push kids into the foray of building things, understanding birds and getting closer to nature. To get started on this fun project with your kids, follow these few simple steps. 1. Get the materials together The simplest method […]