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about butterflies and how to attract them to your garden

Butterflies are beautiful, flying insects with large scaly wings that are covered with colorful, iridescent scales in overlapping rows.

A butterfly garden is an easy way to observe butterflies and to assist in their conservation, since many natural butterfly habitats have been lost to urbanization and other development. It is easy to increase the number and variety of butterflies in your yard. Add the plants that the caterpillars like to eat, and plants that adult butterflies feed on. This information is easy to find by doing a simple web search. The type of plants for you location can be determined in this manner.

Creating a butterfly garden involves constructing a garden that will attract, retain, and encourage butterfly populations to visit. A variety of plants that produce lots of nectar should be included in your garden. The garden should provide flowers that bloom throughout the season. This should allow for new visitors to you garden throughout the season. It is especially important to have flowers in mid to late summer, when most butterflies are active.

Plant your butterfly garden in full sun and place the tallest flowers behind the shorter ones. This will allow you to be able to see most of the flowers and butterflies that are visible in your garden. It’s important to refrain from the use of chemical insecticides, which will kill the butterflies and other insects in your garden.

Another way to increase the number of butterflies in your yard or garden is to obtain a butterfly house. These products are usually added to an existing garden or specifically to an existing butterfly garden. In this way, food will be available even if the natural nectar is unavailable until your next bloom!