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Owl No Longer Gives a Hoot

Sometimes we all have those days when we no longer give a hoot. This viral video of an owl nonchalantly sitting on a branch as small birds dive-bomb its head has been making the rounds over the past week. At some point, we’ve all felt exactly like this owl.

Squirrel vs. Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder (Video)

Anyone with a bird feeder knows how cunning and clever squirrels are when it comes to scoring a free meal. Just as the hilarious video I posted a few months ago points out, squirrels will literally jump through hoops and venture passed an obstacle course for food. That’s why I researched some inexpensive ways to […]

Real Birds Use Suet Keyboard to Tweet (Video)

Just five years ago, the words “twitter” and “tweet” were only associated with sounds of birds, but the creation of a very popular website had seemingly purloined the words forever. But now, birds are looking to reclaim the words by doing some online tweeting of their own. In truly bizarre news, Voldemars Dudum, a writer […]

Purple Martins, from Brazil to Pennsylvania

Check out this great video from David Attenborough of BBC Wildlife Nature.  It profiles the Purple Martin, a majestic bird species that is a favorite of bird watchers everywhere. The video begins at an oil refinery in Brazil, where, surprisingly, a flock of Purple Martins has taken up residence.  There are some stunning shots of […]