Backyard Chirper

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Guide to Wild Bird Food

Written by Timothy Martinez Jr. Wild birds eat an array of foods, including everything from seeds and fruit to mealworms and beef fat. This guide covers all the foods you can give backyard birds and the species each will attract. Peanuts. Suet. Nectar. Jelly. If you’re new to feeding wild birds, the vast amounts of […]

How to Store Bird Seed

Written by Timothy Martinez Jr. Improperly stored bird food can grow mold and harbor diseases that are fatal to birds. Ensure your bird food is safe and healthy by following these simple tips. For most people, feeding wild birds is a great joy in life because it gives the feeling of being in tune with […]

Bird Food Types

Written by Timothy Martinez Jr. Selecting bird food at the store can be a difficult task. There are dozens of different types, flavors and mixtures, and each one attracts a different bird. Here is a short description of each type of bird food, what birds they attract and the advant Selecting wild bird food can […]