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tips and tricks that you can use to attract finches to your finch bird feeder

Many people really enjoy watching, feeding and learning about birds. This hobby offers one an opportunity to appreciate, delight, and connect to the natural world.

There are many types of finches, so it is possible to see several varieties at your finch feeder. From the handsome house finch to the beautiful goldfinch, there is almost certainly a member of the finch family that will visit your backyard. Finches are social birds, so you may see large groups at your feeder.

These friendly birds will eat from hopper feeders, tube feeders (with small holes) and special finch ‘sock feeders.’ Tube bird feeders are very common with active bird watchers. These feeders are long tubes that hold the seed and have many small perches, allowing a flock to eat all at one time. House finches, purple finches, goldfinches, and pine siskins are known to visit.

The best way to attract finches to your backyard is to offer the proper feed in your feeder. House Finches feed primarily on birdseed, with sunflower, nyger (thistle), white proso millet and canary seeds being their favorites. Many finches will also feed on suet and nectar.

Finches, like all birds, are attracted to a water source, so adding a birdbath to your finch feeder will help attract them.