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  • Bird’s Choice 12 oz. Flutterby Butterfly Nectar Feeder with Fruit Trays

    Bird’s Choice 12 oz. Flutterby Butterfly Nectar Feeder with Fruit Trays

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    Songbird Essentials Butterfly Feeder

    Your garden can be a haven for butterflies with just a little planning. Attract butterflies to your garden or backyard using the Songbird Essentials’ Butterfly Feeder. Designed and tested by a Butterfly Breeder, the patented combination of wicks and tubes that mimic real flower blossoms and small spikes which hold fresh fruit pieces is the number 1 choice of butterfly experts. Fill the feeder with our all natural formula also developed by a butterfly breeder. Feeder design and color attracts butterflies and the nectar reservoir size contains the right amount of nectar to minimize nectar spoilage, which means increased safety for better butterfly health. A list of plants that attract butterflies is included. Easy to assemble, fill and clean. Mount on 3/4 inch post or use the included coated wire to hang. 6 inch diameter. Patent number 5,493,999.

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    Songbird Essentials Butterfly Feeder / Nectar Combo

    Butterfly Feeder/Nectar Combo. Includes our Butterfly Feeder and Nectar.

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    Woodlink 12 oz Plastic Butterfly Feeder

    Attract butterflies with fruit or nectar!

    The Audubon Woodlink Butterfly Feeder offers a wealth of dining options for the delight of your butterflies. The bright yellow cover has four fabric wicks that simulate flowers, while holes in a butterfly pattern create additional dining spots. Each corner houses a cup, designed for holding pieces of fruit such as bananas, peaches, or strawberries. Integrated stakes in each of the fruit cups keeps the fruit stable, so butterflies can enjoy it more easily. The 16 ounce nectar capacity and numerous feeding stations allow several butterflies to feed at once, and the built-in ant cup in the center prevents pests from ruining the nectar. Use the included hanger to hang this item from a hook, or mount it on a dowel (not included) to be placed amongst your flowers. Enjoy watching butterflies frequent your garden to feed from this saucer style butterfly feeder.

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