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Win a Hummingbird Course from Birds & Bloom

Image by Joe Schneid
Image by Joe Schneid

Hummingbirds are remarkable, but how much do you really know about the little birds?

Thanks to a new online learning course from Birds & Bloom, you can know almost everything.

The “All About Hummingbirds” course, which is the child of experts Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman, allows you to learn an array of facts about their appearance and behavior, along with tips for attracting them to your yard. You can also play interactive quizzes that help you remember the info among other modules.

Once you’re done with the course, which takes about a day or shorter to complete, you receive a Certificate of Completion from the Backyard Birder program proving you’re a hummingbird pro.

Normally, the course costs $35, but Birds & Bloom is giving one of our readers the opportunity to take the course for free.

To enter, simply like Birds & Bloom on Facebook, Like us on Facebook and leave a comment below letting us know what you love most about hummingbirds.

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Timothy Martinez Jr. is a writer and freelance journalist. His work has been published in The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, Remapping Debate in New York City and other publications. He’s been a bird lover since he was young and currently lives in New Orleans, L.A.


  1. I love how tiny, delicate and fast they are.

  2. My loves of hummingbirds cannot be counted, but I will say one of my favorites is they seem not to know how tiny they are, even if you could remind them it’d matter not. Their courage is immense, they will dive bomb much bigger birds w out a second thought. Its inspiring, for me, they symbolize strength, perseverence, Courage and freedom. And the unending entertainment and enjoyment of watching them is priceless.

  3. Pure joy to feed these angels. I give them purified water with organic sugar

  4. What a great opportunity to learn about these fascinating birds. Love when they make it back around to our yard.

  5. I love my bummers and want to learn how to tell them apart

  6. I love it when rain is forecast and they come to the feeder in a panic mode to get their fill before the drops start.

  7. I have always been fascinated by all birds. Humming have been a challenge to get into my yard . I hear them buzz through and not stop. I would love to learn more about them and what kinds there are.

  8. The little hummingbirds are so much fun to watch. They are so fast and quiet. I love to hear their humming as they go from feeder to flowers in my garden !!

  9. Love Birds and Bloom I have been reading it for years. great Info and ideas.

  10. Always love learning more about hummers. We had more this year than ever and wish them good luck in their migration now. So much more to learn about these special birds!

  11. I just love the way they fly and drink out of my feeders.Plus they guard there feeders from other hummingbirds.

  12. Nature’s little Napoleans

  13. Love hummers! One of God’s wonderful little creatures, its so amazing how they move so fast. I love their little chirping noise too!

  14. I love to watch these amazing little creatures, especially showering in the rain!

  15. I love hummingbirds – they are beautiful birds. I collect hummingbird figures and have multiple hummingbirds feeders and I have many hummingbirds visit my yard annually. I enjoy watching them flutter around my yard from feeder to flowers ten another feeder.

  16. Just watching a hummingbird invigorates me! Their limitless energy in such a little body inspires me.

  17. I love hummingbirds; they are so interesting to watch. They come right up to the window and look in at me when I’m watching.

  18. Few things give greater joy that the sound of their chirp signaling that they have arrived at my patio. Even better when one sits on a nearby branch and just surveys his or her kingdom. They are truly amazing creatures to behold!

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  20. My hummers are my summer friends. They arrive each Spring bringing joy, departing in the Fall with my heart. They buzz around my head when I garden and chirp distress when I remove their feeder for filling. I look forward to them each year and hope I am privileged to observe them for many more!!

  21. The hummingbird that comes to Maine has a beautiful shimmery blue-green throat,so enchanting to watch.God has certainly created some wonderfully amazing creatures.

  22. They are so fascinating.

  23. I would just love to win a course teaching me about one of the things I’m most passionate about!

  24. I keep out 5-6 hummingbird feeders all summer long. The one on my window is their favorite and they have pecked on my window to let me know if it gets low.

  25. What’s not to love? At 72 the joy never ends. I can spent hours watching my tiny friends. I have enjoyed them more this year than ever before.

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