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Rainbow Collar Could Stop Cats from Killing Millions of Birds

In the United States alone, outdoor cats kill anywhere between 1.4 and 3.7 billion birds each year. That’s the reason why such a rift exists between cat people and bird people (who sometimes overlap). Many bird advocates want all cats kept indoors and feral populations euthanized. Some feline advocates think cats should have free range to go where they want and hunt what they please because it’s a part of nature.

As I wrote way back in 2011, there are no easy answers to the cat vs. bird debate.

There are ways you can help minimize the amount of birds that are killed by cats. One such way is strategic positioning of bird feeders and another is the Duncraft Spray Repellent, which sprays cats on the hunt with water.

For most of these solutions, the burden’s been on bird advocates, but now some inventors have created an anti-predation collar that’s said to drop a cat’s kill rate by 54 percent.

The multicolored collar from Birdsbesafe, which comes in yellow, red, or rainbow, makes cats more visible to birds.

Yes, the idea of buying a weird-looking collar at $9 seems to clash with a cat’s freewheeling nature, but the results have been positive.

The science behind the collar is sound. The colors make the birds, which have advanced color vision, aware of the cat’s presence and allow them to adjust accordingly.

This is a great solution for the bird lovers who also want their cat to be outside, but I can’t imagine it gaining too much traction elsewhere.

Timothy Martinez Jr. is a writer and freelance journalist. His work has been published in The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, Remapping Debate in New York City and other publications. He’s been a bird lover since he was young and currently lives in New Orleans, L.A.


  1. Keeping cats inside drops their kill rate by 100%.

  2. This cat collar would then make your cat highly visible to the larger hawks that hunt cats. Oops.

  3. Do you know what extremely inexpensive ($0.003 to $0.04 cost per cat) and easily obtainable accessory for everyone’s cats has a 100% effective rate to stop them from killing ALL birds, ALL small animals, and even (get this) is 100% effective at vaccinating them against every last one of the 3dozen+ deadly zoonotic diseases that stray cats are spreading to the cats of responsible pet-owners, other animals, and humans — even those diseases cats are now spreading to others for which there are no vaccines against them (and are therefore listed as bio-terrorism and bio-warfare agents). Plus, on top of all that, it even sterilizes the cats so they can no longer reproduce! A free spaying or neutering thrown in — FOR FREE!

    FAR less expensive, and they work for the lifetime of that cat! You don’t have to worry about a cat losing it either so you have to buy another one, it is a permanent embellishment. You also don’t have to worry about being scratched or bitten by an unruly cat, as you can accessorize anyone’s cat with it even from a great distance! (For best “accessorizing” keep the distance to cat less than 150 yards away, or 450 feet.)

    They also come in a few different sizes and shapes, and some even come in different colors! For that discerning and picky pet-owner’s neighbor that wants to match what accessory goes best with their neighbor’s cat.

    Can you guess what that inexpensive and easily obtainable cat-accessory is? Answer: a bullet.

    This is why everyone else has stopped waiting for any of you cat-“lovers” to come up with yet another ineffective solution. You’ll never solve it, you don’t want to solve it. You just like using your cats like little expendable animal-sacrifices to play your manipulative self-victimization games — to manipulate everyone in your lives and community. So now the rest of us solve the problem, that you created for yourselves and all the world, for you. You should be greatly thanking us and feel deeply indebted to us for all that we have done to solve your own problems for you.

    I’ll say “You’re Welcome!!” in advance. 🙂

    I bought 5,000 rounds of these cat-accessories on a close-out sale for only $15, and only used-up less than 1,000 of them so far. No cat needed more than one. And I have lots left-over to accessorize any future cats that are needing and begging to be “collared”.

    (Aside: As long as their cat is on your own property (no matter how it got there, hint), you have the complete legal-right to destroy their 100%-expendable vermin cat for them. And if you’d rather not disturb your neighbors’ sleep with loud noises a few times every night and day when “accessorizing” their cats for them, as I did for 2 seasons, (we must respect them as they respect us, you know); generic inexpensive acetaminophen (overseas: paracetamol) adult-strength pain-relievers and Lilium (must be in scientific name) species of flowing-plants make wonderful “flavorings” for any cat-foods as well. Particularly “flavorful” to a cat are the Lilium pollen and blossoms. A small amount of Lilium pollen on a cat’s fur that it licks-off is even a strong-enough “flavoring”. If these plants are dried for year-round use it is even better, as the unknown “flavoring” is concentrated when dried. But even a bit of water in which some Lilium species of flowers have been kept will also thoroughly “flavor” their foods as well. These are very species-specific too, so as not to ruin the “flavor” of any other animals’ foods like antifreeze or other vermin-“flavorings” can. A cat will eat these right-up as if they were the cat’s last-meal on earth! 🙂 )

  4. (edit: for even more entertaining fun, insert the 2nd paragraph of this into the text above, 1st repeated paragraph here to denote insert point)

    They also come in a few different sizes and shapes, and some even come in different colors! For that discerning and picky pet-owner’s neighbor that wants to match what accessory goes best with their neighbor’s cat.

    Woah! Sounds too good to be true, you say?! Nay, not at all! This is the one exception to the rule where a product actually IS that good, does every last thing I claim, and is just that inexpensive and easily obtainable!

  5. Very true, but it’s not an option for everyone.

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