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Here are five easy ways you can get wild birds into your backyard.

Birds are among the most beautiful and remarkable animals on the planet.

Whether you enjoy the sound of birds singing in the early morning or love the sight of colorful birds fluttering outside your windows, having a backyard that’s full of birds will make anyone swoon. Here are five easy ways you can get them into your backyard.

bird feeder

1. Give them some food at bird feeders

The best way to start attracting birds to your yard is by putting up bird feeders. These come in all shapes and sizes so you should really consider what types of birds you want to attract. If you want smaller songbirds to come into your yard, put up a tube feeder. If you don’t mind larger birds, a tray feeder is a great option.

Many diehard bird enthusiasts have several types of bird feeders filled with several types of food throughout their yard. If you’re just starting out, a simple tube feeder filled with black oil sunflower seeds would be your best bet in attracting a good variety of species.

2. Provide water for drinking and preening with birdbaths

One of the cutest sights to behold is a sparrow frolicking in a birdbath and shaking its feathers. Just like all other animals, birds need the basic elements to survive: food and water. However, birds don’t just use water for drinking. Having a water source in your backyard, whether a birdbath or built-in pond allows birds the opportunity to remove dust and parasites from their feathers.

Another added benefit is that giving a water source will also attract birds that might not normally be attracted to bird feeders.

bird house

3. Put up birdhouses

The third major element birds can’t live without is shelter. Bird need a place where they’re able to go and nest. That’s where birdhouses come in handy. Birdhouses, basically another term for nesting boxes, are hollow structures that give certain species room to build nests and raise young. Many common birdhouses including Purple Martin houses and bluebird boxes, which you can easily put up in your yard. If you’re looking for more adventure and diversity in species, you can also put up a Barn Owl house.

Either way, before putting up any birdhouses, you should do a little research to see what species are prominent in your area and buy one that will attract local birds.

4. Make it safe

Another thing you can do to make birds feel welcomed into your yard is to remove any threats within your control. That means keeping your cats indoors, since studies have shown that cats kill billions of birds every year. Aside from removing prowling cats, you can also make your yard safer by providing shelter and placing bird feeders strategically so the birds aren’t vulnerable while eating. You can do this by placing the feeder several feet away from a bush that a cat or predator could hide in.

5. Plant diverse shrubbery

Birds need to be able to have a place where they can roost and rest. Many birds prefer nesting boxes, but having various plant species is a long-term solution that’s actually great for your yard. More greenery in your backyard can provide more shade and also natural food for birds to eat, depending on what plant species you grow. You can get a landscaper to come in and include more local greenery into your yard. You’ll have the added benefit of creating a beautiful and easily maintainable yard.