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developing the proper habitat is the one thing that will attract and maintain birds in your yard

Many people really enjoy watching, feeding and learning about birds. This hobby offers one an opportunity to appreciate, delight, and connect to the natural world.

Birding is a fast growing hobby that has attracted millions of Americans. A bird field guide can be used to identify birds and learn interesting facts about each species. The field guide contains pictures that can help you identify birds that you may not be familiar with. Backyard bird feeding is an easy way to enjoy wildlife. It is estimated that over sixty million Americans of all ages feed, observe and provide habitat for birds.

If you want to attract birds to a bird feeder or simply into your yard, remember that these fascinating creatures have several basic needs. Developing the proper habitat is the one thing that will attract and maintain birds in your yard. The complete habitat should include wild bird food, water in a bird bath, nesting space in a bird house, and shelter.

Many people are rewarded for their efforts when they are able to observe a variety of birds. They will be thrilled with the beauty, songs, and behaviors of these delightful animals. Some of these birds may nest and rear their young in your wildlife sanctuary. Creating your sanctuary may even attract beautiful butterflies.
Design a sanctuary that provides a source of food for the entire year. During summer and fall months, flowers that produce nectar and plants that produce berries would be a good choice. To provide good bird habitat, plant a wide variety of plants. Yards containing shrubs and trees will attract many more birds than those with just a lawn.

By providing the appropriate types of plants for your area, birds will be attracted to your offerings. Many people will want to supplement natural foods with a variety of seeds that can be purchased and placed in bird feeders. Bird feeders have proven to be one of the best ways to attract a variety of birds into your area.

Birds need water to avoid dehydration and to maintain health. Bird baths are probably the best way to attract birds to your yard, even more so than feeders. Clean water is often the most difficult resource that birds must locate in order to survive. They use the water for not only drinking, but also for bathing which can cool their bodies during the heat of summer. Having water available is especially important in times of drought when birds may be stressed. Some people want to target one species to their yard. You can determine the best type of food and birdhouse for that type of bird.

If you can combine water, the appropriate food, shrubs and trees, and maybe even nesting boxes, your opportunity to attract wild birds will be greatly enhanced.