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Purple Martins, from Brazil to Pennsylvania

Check out this great video from David Attenborough of BBC Wildlife Nature.  It profiles the Purple Martin, a majestic bird species that is a favorite of bird watchers everywhere.

The video begins at an oil refinery in Brazil, where, surprisingly, a flock of Purple Martins has taken up residence.  There are some stunning shots of them flying in great numbers at dusk.

From there, Attenborough transports us to a lakeside town in Pennsylvania, where Purple Martins reside in bird houses, some of which have up to fifty apartments.  Attenborough says the origin of feeding Purple Martins in America can be traced back to Choctaw Indians, who put food out for the birds.

Today, Purple Martins in American nest solely in man-made birdhouses, the only bird species with such dependence.  Over one million Americans house or feed these colorful birds.  Why?  Attenborough sums it up well at the end of the 4 minute clip:  Check out the video below.

Those of us who live in towns and cities feel increasingly cut off for from the natural world that lies beyond our building, and so we desire any contact we find with wild creatures.  Certainly, an affection for birds is found by all kinds of people all over the world

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