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Artist Crafts Lifelike Birds From Paper and Wood

It’s astounding just how many ways someone can show his or her appreciation for birds. It typically comes in the form of gorgeous photographs, but occasionally someone will express his or her appreciation through a different art form. That’s where Zack Mclaughlin comes in. In his post over at BoredPanda, Zack lays out how he became inspired by […]

Artist Arranges Birds Into Perfect Flying Pattern

People experience birds in vastly different ways. Some have a casual relationship with birds, just seeing them around the city, while others go out of their way to feed birds.. Still what I enjoy most is when people use birds in art. From the paintings of Chris Lodge to paper sculptures by Diana Herrera, people express their love for […]

Paper Bird Sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera

Everyone displays their affection for birds in different ways. Some people take photographs, others make birds out of LEGO and many simply feed birds in their backyard. But one woman decided that the way she can become closer to birds is to make them out of paper. Diana Beltran Herrera, a highly talented Colombian artist, […]