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Are Hummingbirds in Decline?

An article from yesterday’s Arizona Daily Star reported a decrease in the number of hummingbirds at many feeding sites in Southeast Arizona, which is known by many as the hummingbird capital of the U.S.

The article reports that statistics from the Hummingbird Monitoring Network, which monitors hummingbird populations across the country, showed that hummingbird populations had been declining in the area since 2005. The black-chinned hummingbird, Arizona’s most popular species, was at the center of the research.

However, researchers cautioned that hummingbird populations vary annually and that the decrease is more likely the result of weather patterns than a long-term trend.

An August article in the Albuquerque Journal reported that the rufous hummingbird was becoming rarer in New Mexico, where it frequently passes through when migrating to or from Central America.

Are hummingbirds in decline?

According to the Hummingbird Monitoring Network, over 25 hummingbird species are either threatened or endangered.  If you’re interested in conservation or what you can do to help, check out the Hummingbird Monitoring Network for more details.

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  1. I have seen a significant decline in hummingbirds this year and was wandering why…

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