Backyard Chirper

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This locking top clay bird bath is made by Ohio Stoneware located in Zanesville, OH. No two pieces made by Ohio Stoneware are exactly alike due to variants in their production process

~ Locking top feature is great for protection against accidental tipping due to wildlife, strong winds, and also pets or children
~ High gloss color glaze allows bird bath to be easily cleaned and is weather resistant
~ Bowl is 2.25″ deep and holds approximately 1 gallon of water
~ Pedestal is hollow
~ Fired at approximately 2,200 degrees, the bird baths are processed through a kiln cycle (which, heats and cools) for roughly 18 hours
~ Made in the USA

Note: freezing water below 35 degrees may cause cracking

~ 17″L x 17″W x 22″H
~ 26 lbs

Additional information

Weight26.00 lbs


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