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12 OZ Glass and Metal Hummingbird Feeder

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The Perky-Pet Elegant Copper Hummingbird Feeder will add sophistication to your yard while providing a luxurious stop on a hummingbird’s lengthy journey. This new and improved feeder has a wide mouth opening to make filling and cleaning your feeder easier than ever. The brushed copper base now comes apart into 2 pieces so that cleaning is quick and simple. Built in bee guards on the four flower feeding ports protect the nectar supply from bees. The 12 fl oz capacity will ensure there is always enough nectar to go around. This feeder comes with a free 1.3 oz packet of instant nectar concentrate. To prevent mold buildup, remember to clean your feeder twice a week with a mild soap and water solution.

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The long, narrow shape of Perky Pet’s Glass and Metal Hummingbird Feeder offers an aesthetically pleasing silhouette that complements any yard. Featuring a removable full circle perch, the feeder has four feeding stations with red metal flowers designed to draw in hummingbirds. The clear glass reservoir holds 12 ounces of nectar and easily unscrews from the base for effortless cleaning and refilling. The feeder hangs from the included 6-inch steel wire cable.

~ Cap and base are metal and plastic
~ 4 feeding ports and holds 12 ounces of nectar
~ Four metal feeding flower stations are red to attract hummingbird
~ Brushed bronze colored metal cap and base cover accent the glass reservoir
~ May be hung with the included 6″ steel wire cable
~ Dimensions: 2″ diameter reservoir x 10.75″ high
~ 7″ diameter base and cap
~ Lifetime guarantee

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Weight1.60 lbs
Dimensions7.09 × 6.92 × 11.14 in

3 reviews for 12 OZ Glass and Metal Hummingbird Feeder

  1. Sylvia G. (verified owner)

    The design is nice and the ease of filling and cleaning it is better than most.

  2. Sooz C. (verified owner)

    I bought 2 of these feeders. The hummingbirds like it and I have had lots of activity. I had been a bit concerned about the color since it isn’t an intense red, but it is certainly doing the job. The other thing I really like about it is that I haven’t had any problems with bees since there is no yellow on it. (Since we had a very aggressive hive before, this had been a concern!) _x000D_

  3. Michelle A. (verified owner)

    I love the style of feeder. The hummingbirds do too!

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