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Songbird Essentials Roosting Pocket Hive Hanging Grass

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Natural materials help keep birds safe from predators as they blend in with surrounding areas and do not attract unwanted attention. Birds desire a house made of rough material because rough surfaces make entering and exiting easier. Reed grass is resistant to premature decay. Roosting pockets are especially beneficial to non-migrating songbirds during the winter months. They provide much needed refuge from harsh storms, wind, freezing rain, heavy snow and the bitter cold. Reed Grass Construction. Natural ventilation and drainage, blends into surroundings. Loved by a wide variety of songbirds.

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The Songbird Essentials Hanging Grass Roosting Pocket is the perfect place for birds to make their home in the spring or roost when it’s cold. This hanging pocket is made from natural materials that blend into the surroundings and keep birds safer from prowling predators.

Made from reed grass, the pocket provides birds some much-needed refuge during long migrations or when temperatures drop during wintertime. Not only is it made from natural materials but the roosting pocket also offers the same amenities as other birdhouses, such as ventilation and drainage.

This roosting pocket is designed for smaller species like wrens and chickadees, but Songbird Essentials also makes different styles for larger species.

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