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Coveside Squirrel House

SKU: COV-20000


Coveside Squirrel House



Coveside Conservation Squirrel House, Model # 20000


~ While squirrels are considered pests at the bird feeding station by some, others welcome them to their backyards and provide a special habitat and feeding place of their own
~ Squirrels will use the house for nesting, as well as, for protection from the winter elements
~ They frequently will use an old woodpecker hole, natural cavity, or create a nest of leaves ~ Placed high in a tree, the backyard visitor will quickly find this shelter with its entrance hole positioned close to the trunk of a tree
~ Made of sustainably grown Eastern White Pine
~ Handcrafted in Maine


~ 17-3/4″ H X 9-1/4″ W X 11″ D

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