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Bird’s Choice Stainless Steel Birdbath Pedestal Dripper

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Bird’s Choice Stainless Steel Birdbath Pedestal Dripper

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~ Exclusive custom dripper valve that regulates the flow of water from your outdoor faucet or a recirculating pump
~ Provides a fresh supply of water to any birdbath
~ Includes 50′ of tubing, regulating valve, faucet fitting, and a Y valve
~ Stainless Steel
~ Birdbath sold separately

~ 37″ High (in ground)
~ 5 lbs

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Weight6.00 lbs

2 reviews for Bird’s Choice Stainless Steel Birdbath Pedestal Dripper

  1. Diane M. (verified owner)

    My birds love this dripper! They love the motion of the dripping water on the surface and I have many more visitors when the water is dripping, versus when the bird bath is full, but no additional water is going in. I have an extra water collection dish under the primary bird bath to catch overflow water. The chipmunks enjoy this fresh supply of water as a way of washing down the bird seed they collect on the ground that has fallen from the hanging seed feeders. Nothing goes to waste and everyone is super happy.

  2. Mildred W. (verified owner)

    I really like the Dripper, but have had a problem with it from day one – it swivels around so that it is dripping on the ground and not into the bird bath. I can’t figure out what causes this. Maybe the birds land on it too hard? I’ve realigned the base, but that didn’t work. So I guess the next thing is to tape it to the birdbath, which won’t look very nice but the birds won’t care!

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