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Backyard Essentials Deck & Ground Tray Feeder

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Songbird Essentials Deck & Ground Tray Feeder
Increase the avian feeding stations in your yard with this Songbird Essentials Deck and Ground Tray Feeder. Placing an open tray within your garden provides ground feeding birds like pigeons and robins a welcome dining spot, and holds a wide variety of food types for several of your feathered friends. Square steel bars create the hardy frame, supporting a fine, powder coated steel mesh screen which forms the reservoir. This open platform holds 0.3 quarts of mealworms, fruit, nuts, seed, or suet, and two curved and slightly arched legs provide both elevation and visual contrast. These legs enable you to rest the unit on a level surface, while the screened body allows plenty of water to drain. The black, powder coated finish protects this tray from wear due to elemental exposure, and the steel body lasts for many seasons. Provide ground feeding birds their favorite treats in this Deck and Ground Tray Feeder.

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~ Compact Feeder Tray
~ What a great way to serve up a special food like meal worms for your birds

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Weight0.84 lbs
Dimensions3.35 × 7.09 × 7.09 in


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