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Birdhouse Spy Cam Wireless Hawk Eye

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Birdhouse Spy Cam Wireless Hawk Eye

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The Hawk Eye Wireless is the perfect solution for our customers who simply can’t get the audio-video (AV) cable on our wired Hawk Eye Nature Cam into the house. The camera has infrared night vision, built-in microphone, a 70-degree, wide-angle, and variable focus lens.

But, please note, there is no such thing as a totally “wireless” camera. All cameras still need electrical power and so some type of power cable must be run to it. Once plugged in and operating, it will transmit the audio and video signals “wirelessly” to a receiver, which, in turn, passes the signals to the television or AV compatible computer. Although the Hawk-Eye Wireless comes with a small 9-volt battery adapter, such a battery will only run the camera for less than an hour. Large, deep cycle marine batteries are needed for use lasting days.

***Camera is not water proof, and must be protected from the elements

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8 reviews for Birdhouse Spy Cam Wireless Hawk Eye

  1. Alice R. (verified owner)

    This item was purchased as a wedding gift. It was much appreciated

  2. Raul P. (verified owner)

    Surprised my wife with this product as part of her anniversary gift. It was a hit. She loved how practical it is. All the accessories are good products. It’s well worth it

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